Show Cattle

RL Cattle Company proudly exhibits our cattle at many American Shorthorn Association P.A.C.E. shows throughout the year. We also take our cattle to Louisville, Denver, and Kansas City. We are currently exhibiting the following calves. We invite all of our Shorthorn friends to stop by our stalls at the P.A.C.E. shows or watch for us at Louisville and Denver. Congratulations to all of the exhibitors!

2013 Show Cattle


RL Gooses Charm
2nd in Class – 2013 Fort Worth Jr. Show
Exhibited By: Dalton Bryant Guidry


2011 Show Cattle

Class Winner – 2011 Fort Worth Jr. Show
Sold in 2010 Bling III For $2,000.00

Reserve Division Heifer – 2011 Fort Worth Open Show
Owned With: GCC and Little Cedar Cattle Company

2010 Show Cattle

WHR GN Cecilia
Reserve Division – 2010 Jr. Nationals
Division Winner and Reserve Shorthorn Female
West Virginia and Tennessee Pace Shows

WHR Augusta Pride
Class Winner – 2010 Jr. Nationals
Exhibited by: Kala Fogg

RL Cumberland 0112
Division Winner – 2010 Jr. Nationals
Division Winner – West Virginia Pace Show
Division Winner – Nashville Pace Show

RL Revival 9114
Reserve Division Champion – 2010 Illinois Beef Expo
Class Winner – 2010 Illinois Beef Expo
Exhibited By: Julia Schmid

2009 Show Cattle

Reserve Division – 2009 Louisiana State Fair

WHR Augusta Pride 9430 ET
Class Winner – 2009 Naile Open and Jr. Show
Exhibited by: Kayla Fogg

CYT Mona’s mary 885U ET
2nd in Class – 2009 NAILE
Exhibited by: Taylor Hagie

Miss V8 Mona’s Bumpit ET
2nd in Class – 2009 NAILE
Exhibited by: Tucker Teague

Duece heifer
Exhibited by: Jacob Manning

RL Augusta Pride 7D22
A full sib to 7D22 sold in Bling III and Heifer embryo’s sold at WHR Sale.

RL Sonny’s Charm 6D15
Reserve Division Champion – 2009 NAILE, Mid South Fair and American Royal
Many Time Class Winner – PACE Shows
Many Time Member of 1st Place Pair of Females
many Time Member 1st Place Super Cow

402 x Vortec Heifer
Champion Louisiana Bred – 2009 LSU Spring Show
Champion Heifer – SW District Show

2007 Show Cattle

Champion Louisiana Bred Steer – 2007 Louisiana State Fair
Exhibited by: Claire Galley

48L X Augusta Sunrise Heifer
Exhibited by: Chelsey Bearb

Miss V8 Mona Michele 343S3
Reserve National Champion Female – 2008 NWSS
Division Champion Female – NAILE
Division Champion Female – Shorthorn Jr. Nationals

RL Sonny’s Charm 7102
Reserve Grand Champion Female – 2007 NAILE
Reserve Grand Champion Female – 2007 West Virginia State Fair
Division Champion – Memphis P.A.C.E. Show
Reserve Division Champion – Ohio state Fair and Mid South Fair
Many Time Member of 1st Place Pair of Females
Many Time Member of 1st Place Super Cow

RL Sonny’s Charm 6D15
Class Winner – All American two years in a row

RL Rita Blue Baby 6508 ET
Grand Champion Bred and Owned Shorthorn Plus Heifer – 2007 Shorthorn Junior Nationals

Miss V8 Foolish Diva 458
2005 All American Honoree
Many Time P.A.C.E. Show Division Champion

Miss V8 Easy Choice 93P3 ET
2nd Place ASA Show Heifer of the Year
2006 ASA Reserve All American